Authentic Marketing in the Age of AI

Artificial intelligence is revolutionizing marketing, and this new book shows you how to harness its power.

An essential guide to the AI technologies transforming marketing today.

Written by marketing expert Emanuel Rose

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Marketing in 2024

Omnichannel Marketing is important for B2B Businesses

Big Data and Reporting

Content Marketing

LinkedIn Mastery

AI Integration

Rise of the Bots

Custom Marketing Solutions from Strategic eMarketing

Search Engine Optimization

Maximize your presence in search results with intelligent Search Engine Optimization (SEO) effective across all platforms (Google+, Maps, Yelp, Facebook Local)

LinkedIn Marketing

Make new contacts and foster existing customers as you expand your brand through the vast LinkedIn network

PPC Advertising

Pay-per-Click (PPC) advertising is a tried and true method to drive potential customers to your digital front door (and know exactly how they got there)

Social Media Marketing

Leverage online social chatter and sponsored content to expand name recognition to a new audience

Web Development

Optimize your web appeal with an attractive and professional website that displays cleanly on computers, tablets, and smartphones

Email Marketing

Reach a wide audience with ease and keep leads engaged with key information that will help build trusting relationships

B2B eCommerce

Enable direct sales and tracking of your customers via the digital marketplace

Marketing Method

We work to make the entire marketing process as simple, or as complicated, as you would like. You can be involved with as much, or as little, as you wish. Outsource all of your marketing needs to our team or, if preferred, hire us to work alongside you or your team. When it comes to implementing successful marketing campaigns, there is no one-size fits all solution.

At Strategic e-Marketing, we develop marketing strategies that are relevant by catering to your business’s exact needs. Through analyzing your website, current marketing efforts, industry, consumers, target markets and competition, we identify the e-marketing strategies that will help sell your products or services.

What Makes us Unique?

An investment in your marketing campaign is an investment in your future. It is risky to not invest, while over investing can prove to be just as risky. We help you make the right decisions and feel confident in your choices by identifying key performance indicators (KPI’s) and by implementing direct marketing techniques, which are trackable and measurable due to the fact that they require a direct response. Being able to directly track prospects provides a concise ROI and allows for you to get a clearer picture of your return on marketing investment (ROMI).

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