1 Minute Marketing- Are you a Liar?

I was, my drivers license said I weighed 190 pounds, even though a few years ago I found myself looking at 226 on the scale I was standing on.  Shocked and surprised as all middle aged men who have been saying to themselves “ I can still move around just fine”.  I resolved to drop that extra weight.

I had lost the weight before, so I started running a few minutes on the treadmill and taking some classes at the closest HealthSPORT.  I dropped 10 pounds that first year and then put all that weight back on and had to start over the next January.

That next year I hired a personal trainer, met with the nutritionist and allowed myself to be “talked” into going on a diet that I followed intermittently.  That got me to 206, but I was stuck, not because I wasn’t getting good direction, but because I hadn’t gotten completely committed to the program.

To get to what my driver’s license said, I had to be committed to the lifestyle change the professionals at HealthSPORT that I hired recommended for me.  In addition to exercise, I needed to eat more protein, minimize carbs and supplement my food with fish oil and specific nutritional supplements.  I got to 190 and I have been there for a few weeks and I have a plan to stay there.

My own experience reminds me of some of the clients I have worked with over the years, binging and purging with marketing and sales programs.  Book of the month, quick fix programs that have overlooked the fundamentals of marketing and sales with minimal gains that quickly dissipate.

Do it yourself marketing, like fad diets come up with the mixed results you would expect.  When I took myself seriously, I found the best help possible, followed their directions and got great results, do the same for your marketing, call or email today and let’s get started developing your strategic marketing plan to develop lasting results for your business.