1 Minute Marketing: Try a new social media platform

sem-1min-0215-dbOne of the most important things a business can have in todays day in age is a strong, online presence. This includes an informational website, up to date blog posts, ongoing email newsletters and active social media platforms. Social media platforms are realizing how important it is for businesses and brands to be online and therefore are making changes to allow businesses special profiles or special features on these platforms.

Social media is all about trends. Each platform has it’s own purpose, audience and features for business. The demographics on social media platforms also cycle through, younger audiences will always be first on new platforms, however, the demographic you are hoping to reach will soon follow.

The quicker you understand new platforms and grow a presence for your business on them, the stronger your profile will be. If you can be one of the first or most active businesses in your industry on a certain platform you set yourself ahead of the competition.

Don’t be skeptical when it comes to joining new social media platforms. Set your business ahead of the trends and keep your online presence strong by signing up for a new social media platform or talking to your marketing company for assistance building a strong presence.