2 Ways to Engage Followers on Twitter — 1 Minute Marketing

Twitter MarketingTwitter seems like a tricky social media front — it is harder to build a coherent community than Facebook and not nearly as visual as Pinterest. But the simplicity is part of what makes it attractive to users.

Once you’ve set up a Twitter account and gained a few followers, it can still seem like you’re posting into a vacuum.

  • Reply to Twitter posts that mention your business. If someone simply mentions your business, just send them a quick thanks for being a customer and stopping by. Respond to questions people send your Twitter account in a timely fashion — when you take your followers’ posts seriously, they’re more likely to take your posts seriously in return. Never start bashing a user on Twitter, even if they are rude and provocative.
  • Retweet other people’s posts. There’s a simple button for this on Twitter that will put “RT” in front of the shared message. If you are a B2B social media user with a local angle, consider retweeting posts from the local chambers of commerce or the SBDC. You can also share posts about events your followers might care about. Every customer compliment or positive experience that gets mentioned on Twitter should also be retweeted and include a “Thank you!” if enough characters are available.

Twitter is a part of the social media landscape for the foreseeable future, so use it consistently for best results.