We’ve been working with clients and their digital marketing campaigns for 11 years and we’ve seen a lot of mistakes. As a continuation of our previous blog post on this subject, here are three more common mistakes that people make with their outsourced marketing team. 

Number four – telling the agency what platform to use. For instance, “I don’t want to use LinkedIn for my B-to-B marketing”, “I don’t want to use email”, “I want to only maximize SEO”, “I want to stop pay-per-click” or “I want you guys to get me on the front page of Google”. This flies in the face of a lot of strategic thinking and doesn’t always yield the best results. It frustrates both the client and the agency. The agency wants to get results for you. Let the results speak for themselves.

Number four

Number five is getting leads and then telling the agency to stop sending them from that platform since you don’t follow up on those anyway. If the leads are not working or if there are parts of the campaign that need to be innovated, do that. But you don’t turn off a lead source without updating it so that the sales team gets what they need. It makes it really difficult to work together if you don’t follow up on the leads that are provided for marketing. 

Number five

Number six – agency hopping. It does not help to hop around between agencies on short timelines, redesign your website according to the next agency’s suggestions and delete pages that are performing well in the SEO from the previous agency. 

Number six