In Account-Based Marketing, number one, you need to establish your target. What do the companies look like? What do the executives inside those companies look like? Who are the executives, what is important to them and how can you find them?

Your target – the target market, target humans, target personas – is understanding what their concerns are in the buying process of your product or service.

Number two

Number two activity in strategic planning is to develop content that matches the personas. What that means is you’re going to need web content, blog posts, web pages, and landing page copy tailored to your target.

From those pieces of copy, you’re going to need to create social media copy, email copy, youtube videos or vimeo videos.

For instance, if we’re selling to military contractors that tends to be primarily white males aged 40-60 years old. So we’ll need to develop content that resonates with them. Like email copy, it should make sense to that persona.

The third part of the B2B ABM strategic planning process is to establish what your conversion goals look like. How many visitors to the site or the landing page do I want?

Do I need to create the views and click throughs of each email or social post? In order to get the number of sales, I need to justify this marketing campaign with these conversion goals.

Number four

Number four is zeroing in on the very specific people at the companies that you want to contact and then to get their contact information. You could use a tool like LeadFuze or Apollo to take a person, their role and get their contact information, such as email, direct phone number, mobile phone, if that’s appropriate. So, with their contact information, you can deliver your content to them.

Number five is to release the campaign and foster or nurture the leads by making offers after you have sent out some educational material. You have to begin to get people’s attention, spur their interest and then determine what offers will get them to respond. That means getting involved with the content that you have.

sixth part
The sixth part of ABM strategic planning is to regularly look at the system that you’ve created. Did you do a good job of understanding the personas? Is the content hitting its mark? Are you getting an open rate of your emails that helps to feed the rest of the content consumption?

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