Business Resource Spotlight- Google Docs

sem-BRS-032015-round-dbAs a business, keeping files organized and updated between all of your employees who need access can be tough. However, with new cloud services, such as Google Docs, you can save room on your computer, share documents with whoever needs access and have them instantly update for all users when one person edits a document.

Google Docs is a cloud service. This means, your documents and files are saved over the internet causing you to use zero extra space on your computer and have the ability to access your documents from any computer or device. This also means that you can share each individual document or folder with the individuals who need them and edit permissions so you don’t have to worry about the wrong person editing your documents.
The online cloud service also eliminated the need for Microsoft Office by providing you with highly comparable and compatible versions of Word, Excel and Powerpoint. The online service also allows you to easily make forms that you can send out to employees, customers or random to use as data collection and surveys. All the information inputted is automatically put into a spreadsheet with no confusing formulas and formatting.

Google Docs also makes communicating and sharing edits in documents simple and quick. You can email straight from the programs as well as leave comments to share your thoughts on areas of the document. At Strategic eMarketing, we use these communication features when working on monthly social media for our clients. This allows our writers, managers and clients to quickly collaborate on changes and ideas.