Client Spotlight: Antich Automotive

Antich Automotive repair in Eureka CAThere are few things most of us own — other than real estate — that cost more to buy and maintain than our vehicles. While renting property can provide us with fairly affordable shelter and storage, renting a car or truck is prohibitively expensive in the long run and leasing one still leaves you with the burden of maintenance. Eureka’s own Antich Automotive can help lift that burden, whether you rent, lease, or own your car, van, pickup, or commercial truck.

Whether it’s diagnostics for a new noise that popped up, resolution of a ‘check engine’ light issue, regularly scheduled maintenance, or a complete overhaul/rebuild, the ASE certified technicians at Antich automotive can provide the care your vehicle needs. As a Napa Auto Care Affiliate, Antich Automotive provides the best warranty available.

That their service is efficient and reliable is only the first tier of their rapport with their customers. Your community-conscious conscience can rest easy knowing that they are a locally owned and operated business. There will be no sudden corporate closures of this outlet. Doing business in Eureka for more than 35 years, they will still be here in Eureka, CA for the life of your current vehicle and all its successors.

Lastly, but in no way least, they will provide their first-class service with a smile — one that will prove contagious when you drive out in your freshly maintained or repaired vehicle. Antich Automotive also provides a customer shuttle service, so that you can carry on with your business while your vehicle is temporarily unavailable.