Client Spotlight: HealthSPORT


Fitness is a funny commodity. We all want it to some degree that matches our expectations of “the good life.” For some, it is primarily about improved health: joints that move more smoothly, lowered cholesterol or blood pressure, not being winded if we run across the street to beat traffic. For others, it is primarily about physical aesthetics or in pursuit of athletic excellence. Whatever the specifications, HealthSport is prepared to provide the opportunity for “that” kind of fitness. HealthSport offers the full array of fitness in a welcoming, comfortable environment with convenient locations throughout Humboldt County. Its facilities offer friendly, well-qualified trainers and staff with a varied schedule of fitness classes from spinning to yoga to Zumba and state-of-the-art aerobic equipment in abundance, including heated indoor swimming pools at several locations.

Most of us do not have the determination of Rocky Balboa or Maggie Fitzgerald. It’s hard enough to drive away from work at the end of the day and direct our course to the gym instead of the overstuffed recliner waiting at home. HealthSport is the kind of gym that makes a comfortable second home for those of us who do care about our fitness. With nutritional snack bars offering a variety of protein, energy and nutrition supplements, they can be a work-free kitchen away from home as well.

For those who want to learn to swim, improve their style, or pursue serious masters’ swimming training, swimming instruction can be scheduled with HealthSport staff as well. Call or drop by your nearest HealthSport location to schedule a tour and get started on your brand of fitness today.