Client Spotlight — Westhaven Solar, HVAC and Construction

Westhaven Inc.For projects involving construction and energy usage, Westhaven Solar ( is the business that can undertake it. With their array of green energy applications and their years of experience in the industry, Westhaven Solar can match materials to needs and save both money for the client and non-renewable resources for the environment. Solar water-heating, solar electricity generation (both on- and off-grid), innovative heating options, hay bale construction, and insulated concrete form (ICF) construction are all on the palette of green construction modalities from which Westhaven Solar works — and with which they have abundant expertise.

Where appropriate, they can also implement micro-hydro solutions (using on-site natural water flow for electrical energy generation) and micro-solar farming (where the electricity generated is not for the client’s use but for their sale to a grid-tied utility). Whether the project at hand is commercial or residential, large or small, Westhaven Solar can scale the appropriate energy resources to its construction. They are also available to implement residential and commercial remodels as green-energy retrofits. Although headquartered in Humboldt County, they are accepting projects throughout Humboldt, Del Norte, Trinity, Shasta, Yuba  and Sutter counties, with branch offices in Salyer in Trinity County and Yuba City in Sutter County.