I was speaking with a future client recently, and he told me about a new product that’s on the horizon to be released this year. And it is a product that is going to be focused on Gen Z and the younger portion of Gen Z, but it also needs to be sold to the Gen X parents. And so that creates an interesting situation where you’re really producing marketing that will trigger the parents and their psychographics of not trusting authority, of being concerned about their kids’ wellbeing.
product that's on the horizon
At the same time, you’ve got to take into account the Gen Z user demanding authenticity and demanding that other people they know, like and trust are recommending the product or service. So either their family and friends group or an influencer of some kind that they already have warm feelings for. So if you’re looking at releasing products for people under 24, that’s Gen Z, then you need to take into account what their psychographics are. If it’s Gen Z kids under 18, then you’ve got to take into consideration the psychographics of their Gen X parents, too.
Gen Z user