How to think about user-generated content for Gen Z.

Because this cohort is so attuned to what friends and family think and also what influencers think, it’s critical for your brand or your company to implement a user generated content campaign. Here are four things to think about for user generated campaigns.

create a hashtag
Number one, create a hashtag or publish the hashtag that you want to act as a keyword for interested people and bring your content to the surface.

Number two, invite your customers to post selfies or lifestyle images to that social media platform with the hashtag you designated. 

social impact
Number three, add a donation that the company is going to make for each person who responds so there is a social impact each time one of your customer’s posts and hashtags that hashtag. 

And number four, use that content in other promotional materials and advertisements. Studies have shown that this type of content can get as much as 35% more engagement from the user-generated content being promoted in other content forms. 

So that’s a big overview for user-generated content for targeting Generation Z.