Product Spotlight: Email Marketing

e-marketing strategiesCommunication is essential to modern business success, unless your business is an established monopoly. Even then, you cannot expand and inform your customer base of new or improved products without an effective method of communication. Blanket distribution of information – either via published print media or in hard copy flyer distribution – is too random to render the return on investment (ROI) necessary in today’s low margin markets. Targeted USPS mailings can be easily overlooked in the glut of bulk mailings in your customers mailboxes. Spam e-mailing can readily be identified by e-mail servers and diverted from the inbox – making it even easier to overlook than bulk mail in the mailbox.

What is a business in search of a loyal and informed customer base to do? Consider emarketing email strategies from Strategic eMarketing. Strategic eMarketing will provide your business with a review of your customer contact information, ensuring that your marketing reaches its intended recipients. We will also make sure that your marketing is compelling by incorporating all of the branding components that make your customers recognize and respond favorably to your communication: consistent use of logos, colors, and tag lines. Another component of the email marketing setup is the creation of a content calendar and templates for blog posts that can be e-mailed to customer contacts.

An email marketing campaign should be results-oriented, and Strategic eMarketing will track campaign results and fortify those result by creating an announcement of the email campaign to be included in your Social Media posts. This is the digital media equivalent of being able to give your customers a call in advance of sending them a USPS mailing. The effective advantage of performing this transaction via Social Media is that your customers enjoy being in touch with the Social Media rather than considering them an unwelcome necessity.

Your Emma (Email Marketing) account comes with a full set of features enabling you to save time, avoid frustration, and be smarter with your marketing – and in marketing, smartness is measured in increased revenue and increased profit margin.