Dollar for dollar,

e-mail marketing outperforms all other types of direct marketing.

The Email Marketing Program will engage your customers, tantalize your prospects and increase your closed business.

Fully customizable email newsletter service

With this Cloud-based email program we develop a newsletter completely customized to engage your customers and prospects. No templates used, the format is developed under your guidance.

Email marketing is an essential part of your organization’s communications plan. Email marketing helps retain customers, keeping them informed, increasing sales, raising brand visibility and supporting the growth of your business.

Email is faster and more affordable than traditional marketing and it offers the best return on investment of any marketing channel, (about $43 per dollar spent, according to the Direct Marketing Association). To work, email marketing has to be done well. That means clear, compelling content and a professional, branded email design. It means personalized, relevant campaigns and sophisticated delivery. And it means results that you can easily track and apply to future mailings.

Strategic eMarketing is here to help you manage all those aspects of your email marketing strategy with a measured approach, more style and ease than ever before. That’s because we’ve taken a unique approach to email marketing strategies.

Email Marketing Set Up and Track Includes:

  • Review of your current Email Marketing campaign or an assessment of what would be required for a new campaign.
  • Email Template that incorporates your logo(s), colors and tag line.
  • Gathering, scrubbing and updating Customer Contact information.
  • Inserting your database and marketing essentials into the Email Marketing Plan.
  • Providing you with the script to embed Email Sign-up List on your website and blog.
  • Developing Content Calendar, Topics & Writing Assignments
  • Developing analytics and key measures

People to help you along the way

  • The Strategic eMarketing team is your team. From setting up your account to designing a beautiful email, ongoing support and strategy ideas, we’re dedicated to creating a great experience for you.
  • We’re available by phone and email, plus you have access to an array of online resources and webinars.

Every Email Marketing Campaign Includes:

  • We work with you to draft, review, edit and update Email.
  • Updating your customized template for distribution.
  • Maintenance of your mail list.
  • Providing announcements of your Email Campaign writtenspecifically for use in your social media pages.
  • Writing 200-300-word blog post relating to distributed email.
  • Tracking of the campaign.
  • A report on the effectiveness of the campaign.

Custom designed stationery

  • Keep your branding consistent and stand out in the inbox
  • Simple, intuitive features
  • Your Emma account comes with a full set of features packaged up in style with an easy-to-understand interface that’ll save you time and frustration and help you be smarter with your marketing