Local Search Marketing

Local Search Marketing

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Local Internet searches for products and services are growing at a very fast pace and if your company does not have a local search strategy, you are going to miss this opportunity to grow your revenues and may be out of business by the end of the year.

The phone book is dead.  We’ve been hearing about this for years.  Well now it is true, Verizon has started requesting permission from the FTC not to print white pages in some states and recent studies have shown that  use of the Internet to find needed info outstrips every other media.  Check out these Intermedia Shopping study results which show online services as the most used method of getting information about buying information.


Are you familiar with local search tools?

Have you heard of Facebook Local, Yelp, Foursquare or Google Places?  These sites have combined the mobile information search with personal recommendations from actual customers.  By using sites like these potential customers are able to avoid weak businesses and buy with confidence from recommended businesses as never before and even get special offers and coupons delivered to their mobile device.

Even if you have never heard of these Internet services, your customers and clients have and they are using them. Your company is likely already mentioned with reviews, even if you did not sign up for it.That means that right now you are not in control of your brand, image or how your business appears on Internet.