Every business has to have operating procedures and policies for staff and customers.  The question that should be continually asked is “What brand are we presenting with our policies and procedures”?  The examples below are all from real situations from real businesses.

Don’t put your baskets in the garbage-Hamburger Joint that uses plastic baskets with waxed paper.  The place to put the baskets was out of view around a corner.
(It would be convenient to have a shelf right there next to the garbage can.)


Don’t wear your fishing boots in our store-the only grocery store in Maupin, OR, a town that is dependent on fisherman for 75% of their income.
(I think they should put carpet down or better little carts the fisherman could ride around in.)

All you do is wash it with a wet rag-shoe shine store owner to a person (me) who wanted patent leather shoes shined.
(I think he should shine the shoes and charge me when I come back to pick them up.)

Do not hit against the wall-this is the door to a bathroom at a restaurant.
(I think they should get a door stop and get rid of this silly sign.)

The takeaway from these examples is simple.  Provide a solution that helps your customers get their desired outcome-ease of use, simple transactions and end results.

Place a shelf next to the garbage can so the customers are not inconvenienced or carpet runners on the aisles so the fly fisherman can easily shop in waders.

Where is your business inconveniencing your clients and keeping them from spending money with you?  If you want to have your customer management policies and procedures reviewed from a eMarketing perspective email and we can set up a time to talk.